So you want to book a burlesque performer?

Now that I have my site back I was going through my archives and found this blog from some time ago – I think it is definitely worth a repost!

As a burlesque performer, I think I have been asked every question there is in regards to performing at an event. Whether its a birthday party, hens/bucks night, wedding, charity event, corporate function or anything in between – there are always a number of questions that are asked. Though these questions don’t always cover the reality of what is involved when you book a performer for your event.

The following is a list of things you should always make sure you have considered when booking a burlesque performer for your function:

1. Is it appropriate? Probably the most important question you need to ask yourself. If you are a massive fan of burlesque it can be easy to forget that while you might get a big kick out of having your favourite performer pop in and take it off, your workmates may not be so thrilled by a random lady walking in and suddenly removing her clothing.

2.¬†A burlesque dance involves dancing. Which means your performer needs room to move. Moving the coffee table to one side and asking all 20 party attendees to come inside and crowd around the room isnt going to be an ideal space for a show. It makes us feel boxed in and like we are unable to really give it all we’ve got. Make sure you consider the area that will be used and always make sure it is cleared before the performance begins. Same goes for a show in a public venue – make sure there is a suitable space available. Always speak with your venue to let them know there is a performance happening so they can make sure that you have everything you need.

3. Always make sure there is somewhere private for the performer to change before and after their show. While we can cope with having to get dressed next to the deep frier in the kitchen, or playing the ‘is it pee, or is it just water?’ game, your performer will love you forever if you can provide them with a safe, clean and comfortable space to prepare in.

4. More often than not a burlesque performance will involve the removal of clothing. If your performer doesn’t have an assistant with them to collect the costume at the conclusion of the show, please do them a favour and ensure that you guests return everything that may have been discarded. Audience members can sometimes mistake a discarded glove as a souvenir, and nothing reflects as badly on the organiser more than their party guests stealing costume items. Your performer will be extremely grateful for you doing this, as it means they can get changed without worrying about their costume.

5. Always confirm with your performer if photography or video is permitted during their act. If the performer does not wish to be photographed during their show please ensure all your guests are aware and respect this request. Many performers are happy to pose for photos afterwards.

6. Ensure minors are not present. While parents may not mind littles ones getting a glimpse, many performers are not comfortable with performing a burlesque striptease infront of children. Burlesque is a form of adult entertainment after all. If you know that there will be children at your event, make sure your performer is aware so that they might make any necessary changes to their routine and there are no shocks on the night.

7. Make sure there is an appropriate music source available. You will need something that has decent volume capabilities so all of your guests (and your performer) can hear the music in a crowded room of happy and excited people.

8. Make sure that you stick to the agreed performance time. Your performer may have other shows booked and will need to leave at a certain time. Don’t ask them to wait for half an hour because you have a number of guests that havent yet arrived. If you know that there may be a delay, contact your performer immediately to let them know so that they can make any necessary changes to their schedule for the evening.

If you take all of these things into account, your performer will be able to put on a stress free show for your guests and will feel well looked after.