Make your Valentines Day extra saucy this year!

Valentines Day is quickly approaching, and many an aspiring cupid will have already begun their plans for the most romantic weekend of the year – and while many plans may include some sweet and cuddly times, there are those of us that prefer our romance served with a side of sass.

I consider the personal striptease the ultimate act of sensuality. A striptease isn’t just about the person watching. You’re giving them visual clues about how you might like to be caressed, held and kissed. By unleashing your sexual side, you are providing your partner the freedom and safety to do the same.

The following are some of my tips on how to strip for your lover this Valentines Day:

Choose a song that makes you feel sexy and playful. Make sure the song you choose to strip to is one that makes you feel fun and flirty. Be careful not to choose a song thats too long or is too fast for your style of dancing. Better to dance slowly than out of time to the music!

Less is more – clothing that is! You don’t need to be wearing oodles of layers to perform a striptease! Leave the satin gloves and stockings in the lingerie drawer if you don’t really feel like you want to wear them. Use your body and your movements to tease rather than getting tangled up in layers.

Dance just out of your lovers reach, so they can look but can’t touch. Being close to the action without being able to reach you physically is the best tease of all! Drive your partner wild by dancing close, but not close enough. Then blindfold them for a sexy lapdance finale.

Would you like to perform a cheeky striptease for your partner? Do you feel a little overwhelmed at the idea of choreographing a dance routine? Do you feel like you missed out on the ‘sexy’ gene? All of these things and more can be easily solved by booking a private burlesque dance or striptease lesson with me. I’ll help you pick the music and the outfit, then help you put it all together into a fun and sexy dance routine that is easy to remember.

Contact me now to book your place.

Private lessons are $100 p/h and can be held in the privacy of your own home or at a local dance studio*


*room hire may incur an additional fee