A burlesque performance can add a dash of showgirl sass and fun to any event. Be it that special birthday, hens party, girls night or daring private event – we can work with you to ensure a seamless show that will leave your guests talking for the rest of the evening.

Oozing old school charm, with a dash of saucy humour, Danica Lee will instantly captivate and lead you and your guests on a glamorous and cheeky journey into the world of burlesque. Always tasteful, but always a little bit cheeky – we have a number of routine themes, music styles and costume choices for you to consider to ensure that everything is just right.

Starting with her classic burlesque striptease, a performance can be tailored to include things such as a fan dance finale or even a spectacular bath in a full replica claw foot bathtub. The possibilities are endless!

Please complete the booking form at the bottom of the page for all performance enquiries. We will respond within 24 – 48 hours.


How much of your costume do you remove? Do you go fully nude? The majority of Danica Lee’s performance will involve a burlesque striptease where she will remove her costume down to pasties and a g-string. There are some performances where she will remove her costume down to a c-string. While some acts may give the illusion of nudity, none of them incorporate full frontal nudity.

There will be under 18’s at my party. Is that a problem? A burlesque performance can be considered adult entertainment, and we do suggest that any minors are kept separate to the performance. Danica Lee reserves the right to request minors not be present during the performance.

Can we take photo’s during the show? Photography and video during the performance is strictly prohibited. We reserve the right to halt a performance due to unauthorised photography and/or video. Danica Lee will happily pose for photos after a performance.

I really want a routine made just for me. It that possible? Yes! We are happy to discuss your ideas and work towards a show that suits your vision.

Do you have a giant martini glass? The martini glass is a signature prop of several well known international performers. Danica Lee does not use one out of respect to these performers.

I want to book you for a Bucks night. Do you do that? Danica Lee has performed at Buck’s night previously. A burlesque show is perfect for the discerning Buck who would prefer something different without too much nudity.

Do you travel interstate for shows? Yes. Please mention at the time of your booking that your event is located outside of Sydney and we will quote accordingly.

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